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Sabbath 20: MESSIANIC KABBALAH REVEALS ANOTHER SECRET OF THE 7TH DAY SABBATH! Jesus Christ is the 6 Days of the Week, and the 7th Day Sabbath is the Woman -- the Bride -- the Queen!

Many Christians today do not believe and do not observe the 7th Day Sabbath. If they only knew the importance and significance of the 7th Day Sabbath, they would not justify their disobedience to the Sabbath command. Now, they can know!


As the Woman was made for Man, so is the Sabbath was made for Man! The weekly 7th Day Sabbath is called the Queen, the Bride. She was made for Man, and for the Son of Man -- the Lord of the Sabbath, Jesus Christ. 
  • The LORD God made the rib He had taken from the Man into a Woman and brought her to the Man.  (Gen 2:22 HCSB)
  • And the Man said: This one, at last, is bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh; this one will be called Woman, for she was taken from Man.  (Gen 2:23 HCSB)
  • Therefore, shall a Man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.  (Gen 2:24 KJV)
  • For also Man was not created for the sake of the Woman, but Woman for the sake of the Man;  (1Cor 11:9 LITV)
  • ... The Sabbath was made for Man, and not Man for the Sabbath: Therefore, the Son of Man is Lord also of the Sabbath.  (Mar 2:27-28 KJV)

The genuine BRIDE OF CHRIST, called MALCHUT in Messianic Kabbalah, is called SABBATH when she is united with her BRIDEGROOM, who is Jesus Christ, called Zeir Anpin in the Zohar. Thus, when the Sabbath and the Lord of the Sabbath unites, then the Holy Throne of Glory is also united.

When the Sabbath enters, She separates from the impure Other Side and unites with the Lord of the Sabbath -- Jesus Christ.
All the Judgments pass away from Her, and She remains united with the holy light and becomes adorned with many crowns before the Holy King Jesus Christ. When this happens, all the influence of anger and the instigators of Judgment flee. There is no other dominion in all the worlds, except Her. 

The people bless Her with joy, and they must never speak to Her with a Bible verse of judgment. This is because every Sabbath all judgments are suspended. The prosecutors below hide themselves in holes beneath the sand of the great abyss because they are afraid of the holiness of the Sabbath. They should not be given opportunity to return. The holy people should have peace and goodwill, so that they should arouse blessings above and below together.

The marriage of the lower and upper worlds is the  predominant theme in Messianic Kabbalah. This unification is readily achievable on the 7th Day Sabbath. 

Thus, during the Sabbath, the secret union takes place, safe and free from harm and evil. The great Light and Unity of the Sabbath and the Lord of the Sabbath (Jesus Christ) shines in full brilliance as we meditate on this profound Messianic Kabbalah secret truth. Negative Judgments and evil spirits flee from us.


  • And the LORD shall be King over all the Earth: in that day shall there be ONE LORD, and His Name one.  (Zec 14:9 KJV)
HASHEM or the LORD Jesus Christ and His Name is MALCHUT and they are one in one. This is the secret of the Sabbath. The Sabbath unites the Creation to the Creator. 

MALCHUT or The BRIDE is called 'THE SABBATH' when She is united in the secret of one, so that Jesus Christ, who is the secret of one, should dwell upon Her.

This is the secret of the prayer of Sabbath eve, because the Holy Throne of Glory, which is MALCHUT in the secret of one, is united into one. And the BRIDE'S FACE (Her first 3 Sefirot) shines with the supernal light and becomes adorned with the holy chosen people below, for they all become adorned from Her with new souls. 

As we understood and believed the supernal truths  contained in this revelatory article, the Messianic Age begins to dwell in us. 

This new revelation is very important for us to grasp the divine concept of the Millennial Sabbath equivalent of the weekly 7th Day Sabbath.

Continued on Part 21: ONLY THE LORD OF THE SABBATH => CHRIST (and His Bride) WILL BE EXALTED ON THE MILLENNIAL SABBATH! All Human Pride Will Be Humbled! And The Loftiness of Men Will be Brought Low!

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